Tuesday, November 1, 2011

D16Z6 SOHC Vtec or D16A9 DOHC Non-Vtec?

Hello everybody! I have a little problem. I've decided to sell my civic eg3 and I'm looking for something new but not expensive. I thought about D16Z6 with Vtec system or D16A9 with Non-Vtec but DOHC. I've heard a lot of positive and negative opinions about these engines and I have a little dilemma. DOHC is DOHC but it is older unit, in the other side Z6 has Vtec system (but I heard that Vtec in SOHC is pretty weak) and it is younger unit that A9. In my opinion the best option for my would be something B-series or K-series (K20 = my dream) but i have no money for these toys yet :(

My question:
Do you know something about these engines, maybe did you have opportunity to test something of them or both of them? Which engine do you prefer? :)

I'm waiting for your opinions and advices :)